Dr Sudhir Deshmukh

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Dr Sudhir Deshmukh

Dr Sudhir Deshmukh is renowned in the field of General & Laproscopic Surgery with vast experience of 15 years.

M.S (Bom), M.B.F.A.I.S (USA), F.M.A.S (Lapro)

All the following posts are done at J.J. Group of Teaching Hospitals, Grant Medical College, Mumbai.

  • House Surgeon, Gen. Surgery from 01/01/1975 to 31/07/1975 in GMC under Dr. Kalke and Dr. Nagori.
  • House Surgeon, Thoracis and Cardiovascular Surgery from 01/08/1975 to 31/01/1976 in GMC under Dr. Nimesh Mehta, Dr. M.P. Mehta and Dr. V. Mehta.
  • House Surgeon, Gen. surgery from 01/02/1976 to 14/03/1976 in GMC under Dr. Ganjawala and Dr. Rasik Patel.
  • Registrar Gen. Surgery from 15/03/1976 to 15/06/1976 in GMC under Dr. N.K. Parikh, dr. Rasik Patel and Dr. T. Udwadia.
  • Registrar Gen Surgery from 01/08/1976 to 31/01/1977 in GMC under Dr. N. H. Antia, Dr. V. I. Booch and Dr. Keshwani.
  • Registrar Neuro Surgery from 11/02/1977 to 01/05/1977 in GMC under Dr. S. N. Bhagwati.
  • Registrar in Surgery from 20/05/1977 to 31/08/1977 in GMC.
  • Registrar Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery from 01/09/1978 to 01/12/1978 in GMC.
  • Lecturer Cardio Thoracic Surgery from 02/12/1978 to 30/12/1980 in GMC with Dr. N. A. Shah, Dr.Vinod Mehta and Dr. K.R. Shetty.
  • Performing Obesity (Bariatric) and Metabolic Surgery at C.O.D.S. (Centre for Obesity and Diabetic Surgery) in Saifee Hospital with Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala since last 3 years.