Urology is a branch of medicine and surgery which deals with the study of disorders of genito-urinary tract. Disorders of kidneys, adrenal glands, urinary bladder, urethra and male reproductive organs are managed here. In males, reproductive organs and urinary organs are closely linked, thus one affects another, hence conditions managed in genito urinary disorders. Doctors treating these conditions are known as urologist. Bhatia hospital has a team of experts in the department hence comes under one of the best urology hospital in Mumbai. The team handles conditions with minimal invasive procedures and robotic surgeries as and when needed.A wide range of disorders are treated such as urinary incontinence prostate and kidney cancers, kidney stones, male infertility and kidney dysfunction. Conditions which are treated by urologists at Bhatia hospital: Benign prostatic hyperplasia: non-cancerous enlargement of prostate Bladder stones: vesical calculus built up by deposition of minerals Bladder cancer: carcinoma of urinary bladder Cystitis: inflammation of urinary bladder which is usually caused by infection Epididymitis: inflammation of a tube epididymis which stores and carries sperm Erectile dysfunction: inability to get and keep erection for sexual intercourse Interstitial cystitis: it is a chronic bladder pin syndrome Kidney transplant: organ transplant of kidney due to renal disorder Kidney cancer: Carcinoma of kidney Kidney stone: renal stone built up by deposition of minerals Prostatitis: inflammation of prostate gland Prostate cancer: carcinoma of prostate cancer Retrograde pyelogram: diagnostic X-ray test for kidney, ureter and bladder Retrograde ureteral: process by which camera is inserted through penis to locate renal stone Testicular cancer: Carcinoma of testis Urolithiasis: stones in urinary tract Vasectomy: surgical procedure of male sterilization Vasectomy reversal: reconnecting process of vas deferens after vasectomy

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