Pathology is a study of disease and a major field in modern medicine for diagnosis. Prevention is better than cure and the pathologists at Bhatia hospital make use of advanced technologies and science to give you clear and accurate insights and data about your health. Our Pathology department is a fully automated and computerized lab equipped with the latest and modern machines and equipment available today. Bhatia hospital is serving its patients through a fully equipped, high end technology laboratory at south Mumbai.

We understand the value of time and quality of results, thus we provide high quality accurate results with our state of the art modern technology and prompt service. We also provide wellness and preventive healthcare through series of health checkup packages along with diagnostic tests. In keeping with your concern, our team of highly qualified and experienced medical personnel has developed the Health Checkup Program. The packages in this program are designed to give a complete check-up and detect any latent health problems.

Good Health is the foundation of a productive and rewarding life. Today's lifestyle has hampered the health by stress, unhealthy eating habits and inadequate rest. Elevated levels of pollution and lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle are the catalytic factors which gradually hamper good health. Our ignorance to these facts until we are compelled to confront a medical condition complicate the situations. Our dedicated Health Checkup department presents you with an exclusive environment and support for patients. Our team will be there to attend to anything you might need to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the day. Our packages are offered at special discounted rates that truly make them worthwhile for you and your loved ones.

Our pathology department takes care of pathological tests for blood, urine, stool, different body fluids secreted along with radiology, diagnostic tests, cardiology etc. The lab gives holistic services in the form of Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, Hematology, Serology and Microbiology. We also provide patients home visit facility for blood collection. Digital X-ray, Mammography, Sonography, Dental OPG, ECG, 2 D Echo, color Doppler, Stress tests are few common tests from the wide range basket of our department.

To achieve distinction in quality has been an up-hill task. In the last few years, our pathologists have been endorsed in delivering quality and on time results by leading physicians and our patients. Cutting edge technology and automation continue to help serve our expanding pool of patients better and faster. With the latest technology and express patient services, we provide online web reporting along with the hard copy of it. You will get report data by email through website. We can proudly say that our endeavor has successfully catered patients, through the years building on these virtues.