Pathology also known as Laboratory Medicine is the study of the essential nature of diseases as well as the structural and functional changes produced by them in the body. It deals with the examination of body fluids, body tissues and other relevant samples, for diagnostics, therapeutics and prognosis of disease conditions.

 The Department of Pathology at Bhatia hospital is equipped with advanced technology, fully automated analyzers and reporting software to provide clear, accurate insights and data about your health.

Key Services: The laboratory at Bhatia Hospital is focused on providing our patients with:  

  • 24 x 7 testing facility ( Even on Sundays and Public Holidays)
  • Accurate and precise reports
  • Prompt service and Timely delivery of reports
  • Reports delivered via email
  • Testing and analysis by veteran, skilled technologists
  • Diagnostic Support and Interpretation of reports by experienced pathologists
  • Facilitate Home visits for blood collections


Prevention is better than Cure!

We recognize the need to maintain good health, in order to enjoy a productive and rewarding life. Therefore, we have designed thoughtfully curated Health Check up packages, to detect any latent health conditions. Early detection leads to early treatment, helping you with your journey to good health and well being.

Our team of dedicated professionals can guide you through out the process, with exclusive services and support to ensure that you are comfortable and attend to your needs. Our packages are offered at special discounted rates that truly make them worthwhile for you and your loved ones.   


The laboratory at Bhatia Hospital provides holistic services in the following areas:

  1. Hematology: This is the study of blood and bone marrow with tests like Complete Blood counts, Coagulation testing and detection of malaria infections
  2. Clinical Pathology: This is the study of urine, stool, semen and body fluid samples, like ascitic, peritoneal or synovial fluids. We have extensive body fluid panels, with accurate cell counts in automated analyzers, along with microscopy findings.
  3. Biochemistry and Immunology: This is the study of hormones, tumor markers, cardiac markers, vitamins in addition to routine chemistries such as glucose, lipid profile, and liver and renal function tests. Detection of dengue is also done here.
  4. Histopathology: This is the study of body tissues or organs, with the help of specialized stains under a microscope.
  5. Microbiology: This offers a range of tests for rapid identification of infection causing organisms and susceptibility testing for bacteria, mycobacterium and fungi.

The Department of Laboratory Medicine is committed to providing quality services to our consultants and patients. We run effective internal quality control checks as well as actively participate in national and international External Quality Control Programs, to ensure the precision and accuracy of our reports.

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