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The Bhatia Hospital started in 1932 as a 24 bed Maternity Ward. There were hardly any private Charitable Hospitals in those days and the Trustees made a small beginning with 24 beds.This was made possible by 3 Bhatia families , who donated substantial amount in 1931 and formed a Charitable Trust and started the hospital in Mumbai for the benefit of poor and middle classThe Bhatia Hospital started in 1932 as a 24 bed Maternity Ward. 

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  • Effects of Carbonated drinks are one of the biggest contributing factors to tooth erosion in young children.The acid in carbonated drinks strips the surface enamel of teeth, causing pain, disfigurement and in extreme cases eroding teeth ...down to mere stumps, leading to tooth loss.
  • Prevent Acne by washing your face twice a day. Do not wash too vigorously, even if the skin is oily. Trying to scrub off the oil will just leave the skin cracked and irritated. Let your skin breathe and feel fresh!
  • Eating nuts as a part of the healthy diet can be good for your heart as they help in lowering the “bad cholesterol” in your blood. Even though most fat in nuts is healthy fat, it still has a lot of calories. Just make sure they are not covered in chocolate, sugar or salt.
  • Tips to avoid Cold and Flu It seems that nearly everyone catches a cold or flu. Follow these 6 suggestions and you will significantly reduce your chances of catching one. 1.Avoid Sugar 2.Get enough Sleep 3.Don’t Overeat 4.Prioritize and reduce Stress 5.Cook with coconut oil 6.Exercise regularly. You are far more likely to catch it by touching a contaminated surface, such as a doorknob.
  • Great substitute for high calorie snacks and can aid in losing weight healthily.

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